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Frequently Asked Questions:


Question:  Why do I have to pay a 10% nonrefundable fee if I request a Pre-Payment Plan?

Answer:  This nonrefundable fee covers any added costs that we will have to cover at the time that services are rendered due to inflation or changes in pricing we receive from any service providers directly.  It is an interest-free charge that keeps your quote pricing active while you gather the funds to pay in full so that we can complete the work.

Question: What if I am not happy with the services once they are complete?

Answer:  We will maintain contact with you during the entire process to make sure you are satisfied.  Once the work is completed, you will sign-off on an approval sheet to confirm your satisfaction, which is our primary goal overall.

Question:  Do you offer warranties on your work?

Answer:  Each "TLC Plan of Action" document will cover any warranties specifically since they will vary on a per-case basis with each project, if any warranties are offered.

Question: Do you need more people to work on projects for you, because I know someone that would be great at it?

Answer:  We are ALWAYS looking for exceptional people to work with us, so YES!  Please have them contact us directly so we can interview them and discuss possible opportunities.

Question: Do I have to pay taxes for your services?

Answer:  Yes, taxes are owed at 8.25% of the total amount based on Federal requirements if the agreement we create has a line by line break down for services rendered.

Question: What if I change my mind about having the work completed AFTER it's already began and I wish to cancel?

Answer:  Once you sign the "TLC Plan of Action" and submit the full payment, you are under contract and the work cannot be stopped.  If you refuse to allow us to finish the project, you are forfeiting all funds and the project will be left in "AS IS" condition.  To avoid this type of issue, please be 100% certain that you are serious about your requests prior to signing the agreement.

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