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Pre-Payment Plans


Most quotes, in general, are only valid for up to 10 days.  We know that's not always a very realistic time frame to collect the funds to cover the costs.  We are proud to offer a Pre-Payment Plan that can be customized as needed to assist our clients with a chance to pay for the services ahead of time in monthly increments, similar to a "lay away plan" at a retail store.

Our method is simple, here is the math:

#1 - you get a quote for services

#2 - you add a nonrefundable fee equal to 10% of the total quoted amount

#3 - you determine the number of months it will take you to gather the funds

#4 - you then take the total balance and divide by the number

       of months you need to get your total monthly payment requirement

EXAMPLE:  quote amount = $1,000.00                     

               time frame required = 4 months

$1,000.00 x 10% nonrefundable fee = $100.00 (total nonrefundable fee)

$100.00 + $1,000.00 = $1,100.00 (full balance owed)

$1,100.00 / 4 months = $275.00 per month

So you'd pay a monthly amount of $275.00 for 4 months

and then the work will be scheduled to start afterwards.


Important Details, Please Read:

1.  If you choose to cancel and not have the work completed, then you'll receive all of the funds you have paid OTHER than the nonrefundable fee.  Please pay close attention to your "TLC Plan of Action" for all details before you sign the agreement.

2.  Please note that all funds on hold are NON-INTEREST bearing and are therefore interest free.

3.  All Pre-Payment Plans are allowed for a maximum length of 8 (eight) months only.  If you feel that you will need longer than that to gather the funds for a project, we will gladly provide you with a new quote at a later date.

4.  You are welcome to pay MORE each month to get the work done sooner, if you wish.

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