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Customized Services

If an odd job arises that you need assistance with, please feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do to assist you.  We have many talented professionals in our organization that have a variety of skill-sets that may be able to accomplish the tricky project for you.  Don't get upset and cause yourself stress, instead, let us help you out!  


Examples of Custom Requests We've Handled:

*Assisting kids with school projects                                                      *Decorating offices

*Creating handmade wedding decorations to stick to a low-budget           *Creating baby shower gifts

*Creating gift baskets for marketing & holiday presents                          *Gift package wrapping

*Cake Pops                                                                                       *Creation of marketing door knockers                                  *Tri-fold brochures                                                                             *City Parks Research

*Home budgets (Excel)                                                                                    

If you don't see the item(s) you are looking for listed here, please contact us directly to discuss your needs so we can further assist you.            





Our Process:

1.  We will send a Tri-Level Contracting Representative to meet with you in person at your home or office to review the project details you need help with.  We may also record your conversation so that nothing is overlooked.  This should only take about 30 minutes to an hour.

2.  We will then create a "TLC Plan of Action" and decide on the least expensive approach for accomplishing the work you requested.  This may take up to 2 days.

3.  We will then email you the "TLC Plan of Action" which will contain all information regarding the options available for you, to include the pricing & timeline.  

4.  You will then have up to 14 days to accept the "TLC Plan of Action" and submit the signed agreement.  If you don't reply by the 14th day, we can gladly revise a new "TLC Plan of Action" for you upon your request, but please note that the prices will increase.

5.  Once the agreement has been received by our staff along with the proper payment, we will then schedule the work to be done per the agreed upon dates & time frames listed in the "TLC Plan of Action".  

Important Details, Please Read:

1.  If you require a translator, we do request that you have someone you know that can contact us as an interpreter to assist with the process.  If you are unable to locate someone, please let us know and we'll try to assist with locating someone ourselves.

2.  All payments are handled through Pay Pal unless other arrangements have been agreed upon in writing.

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