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Home Improvement Services

We know that it is difficult to find someone you trust to handle repairs or upgrades for your home, so we pride ourselves on being trust-worthy, honest, and reliable so that we can properly assist you with your needs.  We enjoy working with all homeowner's, property management companies, Investors, & other real estate companies.  When we do not handle the work directly, we only work with sub-contractors that are insured and legally authorized to work in the US.  We personally track all of the work that is being done for each of our Clients to make certain that your needs are met during the entire process. 


We also know how stressful it can be to have your home in disarray as work is being completed, so we always respect your needs and personal schedules as much as possible so that work can be done quickly and efficiently.  We make all attempts to ensure that there is as little strain or imposition as possible on yourself and your family.  We are able to assist with your pets to make sure they are kept secure, per your wishes as well, during the process.  We take all precautions on enhancing the entire process to alleviate your concerns.





We can INSTALL, REMOVE, and/or REPAIR the following:

*Painting                     *Trim, Quarter Round             *Doors & Hardware         *Windows                   *Ceramic Tile, Planks, Carpet

*Cabinets                    *Shower & Tub Tiles               *Backsplash                  *Ceiling Fans               *Garage Door Openers

*Water Heaters            *Fencing                                *Sinks                          *Appliances                 *Granite, Marble, Countertops

*Sheetrock, Texture      *Light Fixtures                        *Patios                         *Porches                     *Landscaping 

*Full Demo                  *Decks                                  *Subfloors                     *HVAC                        *Housecleaning

*Crown Molding           *Plumbing Fixtures                  *& much, much more!!            


If you don't see the item(s) you are looking for listed here, please contact us directly to discuss your needs so we can further assist you.            





Our Process:

1.  We will send a Tri-Level Contracting Representative to meet with you in person at your home to review the items that you are requesting to have work completed on.  We will take photos and document all of your requests.  We may also record your conversation so that nothing is overlooked.  This should only take about 30 minutes to an hour.

2.  We will then use all of the data collected to decide on the least expensive approach for accomplishing the work you requested.  This may take up to 2 days.

3.  We will then email you the "TLC Plan of Action" which will contain all information regarding the options available for you, to include the pricing & timeline.  

4.  You will then have up to 14 days to accept the "TLC Plan of Action" and submit the signed agreement.  If you don't reply by the 14th day, we can gladly revise a new "TLC Plan of Action" for you upon your request, but please note that the prices will increase.

5.  Once the agreement has been received by our staff along with the proper payment, we will then schedule the work to be done per the agreed upon dates & time frames listed in the "TLC Plan of Action".  

Important Details, Please Read:

1.  If you live in a neighborhood that has a Home Owner's Association (HOA), we must be given a copy of their laws and bylines

regarding home improvements prior to working on your home.  If you can provide us with a contact person's information for the HOA, we will gladly reach out to them directly to request this information.

2.  If you live in a gated neighborhood you must provide us with a working gate code so that we can get proper estimates completed.

3.  If you are renting a home, we will not sign a contract with you for any services without written approval on our required forms from the actual homeowner along with a copy of their state issued ID so that we can verify their information.

4.  If you require a translator, we do request that you have someone you know that can contact us as an interpreter to assist with the process.  If you are unable to locate someone, please let us know and we'll try to assist with locating someone ourselves.

5.  We accept many forms of payment fo include Paypal, Cash App, Venmo, Personal Check, Money Order, Cashier's Check, & more.

Some Before & After Photos of Our Work:

Wood Panel Wall Repair.jpg

Please note, due to privacy aspects in Client Agreements we are limited on the types of photos & marketing media we are able to obtain, therefore we are limited on what we can place in public view.

Broken Interior Door Repair.jpg
Wall Crack Repair.jpg
Water Damage Wall Repairs.jpg
Long Window Stool Replacement.jpg
Water Damage Wall Repairs 2.jpg
Short Window Stool Replacements.jpg
Dark Stained Wood Mirror Frame.jpg
White Mirror Frame.jpg
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